The Perfect Course For a New Broker

Considering becoming a broker? Are you a new broker? Do you run a small brokerage? This is the perfect course for you! While the Brokers Licensing teaches you the rules and regulations, it does not teach you how to get your business started. This course will help you build your business and avoid costly mistakes.

Operating a New Brokerage Firm

This 15 hour online business development course is designed to explore the current issues in the management of a one to five person small real estate brokerage office. The how to operate and manage a small brokerage on a tight budget, including hiring guidelines, management of salespeople, staying on track with expenses, prioritizing and keeping good records, all of which that lead the brokerage to function as a fiduciary entrepreneurship.

Here are just a few topics covered..

  •  Creating A Plan
  • Forming Business Entity
  • Start up Cost
  • Marketing
  • Finding your Nitch
  • Expert Suggestions
  • Business Planning
  • Bringing In Money
  • Business Must-Haves
  • Office Policies and Procedures
  • Advance from experts. 

 This online course is in video format you can watch it on any computer or device. 

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Business Development Course.

This course is Not approved for Continuing education.


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