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Tuesday January 28th, 2020




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Friday May 15, 2020


Saratoga Springs

8:30 am - 5:00 Pm 

Embassy Suites Saratoga Springs


"Brian brought the information into a reality mode rather than simply providing information. "

"The aspect of the course that I found valuable was the analysis of millennial behavior and thought processes. Social media and non-discrimination. Brian was very interesting, kept the class engaged and did a great job of presenting the material. I would absolutely recommend this course it was very informative and interesting."

"Brian was a great teacher and great sense of humor. 8 hours is a long time, but this class went by pretty quick."

"Brian gave new meaning to the study of fair housing and ethics, a course I have taken many times. How refreshing not to have to fight tedium and listen to dry, irrelevant lectures. He made it fun, interesting and engaging."

" As a hands on Real Estate manager Brian brings to the class actual present day information from someone in the trenches. I especially enjoyed the facts and fun information about buyers and sellers in today's market. We learn the most from those who have first hand knowledge."

"Never had more fun in a CE class or learned more, especially ethics and fair housing."

Real Estate Success Across Generations

Today we know Real Estate professionals who are 20 and others pushing 90.  Both can be effective and serve clients in their peer group or from distant generations.  People are living longer; family demographics look different than even 10 or 20 years ago, and communication methods change all the time.  

Based on his book, Generation Now Brian Mckenna, Ph.D developed this course that takes a look at where we are and how we’ve evolved.  We try to identify lessons and commonalities that will help us work effectively between and among generations. This course presents a refresher on agency relationships and disclosure obligations, as well as fair housing and discrimination. It also examines various laws, thus giving context and perspective on ethical behavior.




New York State Approved

Real Estate

8  hours Real Estate

Includes Fair Housing, Ethics, and Law of Agency.


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