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High Demand for Appraisers

Shortage of appraisers makes a great time to get into the business. 


Is a career in Appraisal Right for You?

Manfred Real Estate Learning Center has been helping appraisers start and build their careers for over 30 years.  Courses are available in the classroom and online

  • High Income Potential
  • Diverse Career Paths
  • Flexible hours. 

Every home, land, property has a value. An appraiser gives a written opinion of that value. Some of the day to day activities of an appraiser would be:

  • Photographing poperties
  • Searching county and city records to verify information
  • Inspect properties
  • Prepare reports
  • Create comparison 
  • Develop conclusions of the value of properties. 

Your earning will depend on your appraisal License level. According to, Certified Residential Appraisers’ median income is $57,225 and Certified General Appraisers’ median income is $95,774 in 2017. 

Tuition depends on the type of license you get. The more training hours needed, the higher the cost. The total cost for assistant is about $1200, residential is around $2000 for certified and general your looking around $3500 - $4500 with textbooks. 

You can purchase the course individually to break up the payments.   

You can start calling and interviewing with appraisers anytime. They will hire you as an assistant. After both you and your supervisor takes the supervisory/Training 4 hour course you can start documenting your hours. 

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Classes Available online and in classroom

Overview of Appraisal Licenses

There are four levels of appraisal Licenses. Here is an overveiw of each type

Assistant License

Type and value of property depends on credentials of supervisor. 

College Education: None

Training Hours: 79 hours- must be completed within five year period prior to the date of application.

Experience Hours: None

Exam: None:  Applicant is not eligible to take the exam for the category in which education has been completed until they meet the experience requirement for that category.

Available Online & Classroom. 

Licensed Residential

Non complex 1-4 families residential units valued under $1,000,000 or complex 1-4 family nits valued under $250,000

College Education: None

Training Hours- 150

Experience Hours- 1,000 no less than 24 months

Exam: Yes National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination. Exam results are valid for 24 months

Available online and classroom 

Certified Residential

1-4 residential units at any value or complexity. Cannot appraise subdivisions where a development analysis is necessary. 

College Education: Bachelors (Additional Qualifications)

Training Hours: 200 hours- Education: 200 hours 

Experience Hours: 1,500 no less than 24 months

Exam: Yes National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination. Exam results are valid for 24 months

Available in classroom and online. 

Certified General

All types of properties at any value.

College Education: Bachelors or higher in any field. 

Training Hours: 300

Experience Hours: 3000 no less than 24 months

State exam: yes

Exam results are valid for 24 months. 

Some courses are available online however, some of the courses must be done in the classroom. 



Courses Needed

The higher the license level, the more advantage you’ll have in the local market, and the greater control you’ll have over your fees.

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Each course does require a Proctored exam. If you take it in the classroom the exam is given on the last day. If you take the course online you will need to choose one of our  testing centers to take the exam. Our Testing Center can get you in to take an exam within 2-3 business days. You can take multiple exams in one day. 

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