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Are You a Manfred Member? Why Not?

How do you know what you know? What is the litmus test? It’s the ability to take what you learn and teach it to someone else, who then teaches it to another person. As real estate professionals we need to keep in mind is that we are in fact teachers for the consumer/client, your knowledge base is a key to your success.

Here a Manfred we learn success from success, our courses, online and classroom are specifically designed by real estate professionals who are considered experts in the topics they teach and are activity listing and selling in today’s market. They recognize the balance of technical skills along with compassion, critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Our Manfred Mission is to provide our students the tools and support they need to excel in their career goals. We provide them with real value and go above and beyond all the others. We are the only real estate school that doesn’t benefit from your failure, our primary goal for our students is to be successful in their careers.

Every state in the country has specific requirements to become licensed and sets minimum continuing education requirements, by doing the minimum only guarantees on thing, your license is maintained.

Manfred motivates, mentors, manages and moves you toward success. Consider becoming a Manfred Member today? What is a Manfred Member? Build your professional profile, fulfill your continuing education requirement and get a wealth of knowledge.

We provide our members with unlimited continuing education, in the classroom and online, we recognize that doing the minimum will get you exactly that…

Success Tools is a category within our membership designed to provide services to help the real estate agent in their career with an offer or discount. Our goal here is to help our newer students/agents by providing them with more resources to help them to be more successful in their first year of business.

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