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Ever Consider Being a Real Estate Appraiser?

What is a Real Estate appraiser assistant and where could it lead? Real estate appraiser assistants provide support to the individuals in their company assessing the values of property. Typical tasks performed by the appraiser assistant include entering data into their company's computer system, doing research on properties and sometimes helping manage relationships with clients. They also need to understand how to process and file reports and appraisals, as well as perform various clerical duties as required. The real estate appraiser assistant is in charge of keeping track of various data points such as workflow, contracts and statistics used by their company. Additionally, these assistants may be required to answer phones for their office.

The appraiser assistant usually works with a real estate appraiser or a team of appraisers, and they typically report to an office manager. These assistants generally work in an office setting; some travel may be possible depending on the employer and position. Typical employers for real estate appraiser assistants include real estate appraisal companies, realtors and banks. 

While many appraisers enjoy the benefits of an independent contractor, positions with but not limited to, firms such as appraisal companies, financial institutions, private review appraiser, and county assessor’s offices are just a few of the many opportunities for employment and on-the-job training. If you are a real estate professional, you’ll find your knowledge of real property appraisal a decided advantage. 

We offer a complete portfolio of courses to meet practically all of your requirements in New York State, online or in the classroom, at every stage of your appraisal career. Whether you’re just starting your career as an appraiser or working toward your Certified Residential Real Property designation, Manfred Real Estate School has the courses to help you advance in your career online or in the classroom. We recognize that the laws regulating this business are confusing to understand that is why all our customer service specialists are very knowledgeable and up-to-date in all the recent changes.

Levels of the Appraisal Licensee

There are four levels that a professional appraiser can achieve. While the Appraisal Foundation is the national source of Appraisal Standards and Appraiser Qualifications, each state may have different regulations to follow. Check with the New York State Appraiser board for additional information.

Below is an outline of the different appraisal license levels.

Real Estate Appraiser Assistant: This level is not required to have previous appraisal experience and may only perform appraisal duties under the direct supervision of a Certified Residential Appraiser. This is the first step in your career as an appraiser.

Licensed Residential Appraiser: This level is able to perform unsupervised appraisals of non-complex, one- to four-unit residential properties with a transaction value less than $1 million and complex one- to four-unit residential properties with a transaction value less than $250,000. This is the next step in the progression of your career as an appraiser. 

Certified Residential Appraiser: This level is able to perform unsupervised appraisals of one to four-unit residential properties without regard to transaction value or complexity. This is the most sought-after level of appraisal licensing for residential appraisers, keep in mind, 85% of all the opportunity is here. Federally chartered loans require the Certified Residential Appraisal. 

Certified General Appraiser: This level is able to appraise all types of properties. Appraisers who wish to appraise commercial properties unsupervised must attain this level of licensing. This is the highest level of licensing available in the appraisal profession.

Disclaimer: The Appraisal Foundation has adopted changes to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria that represent minimum national requirements each state must implement no later than January 1, 2015. Learn more in our AQB Changes Affect ALL Appraisers article.

Manfred offers appraisal licensing education in all four levels that a professional appraiser can achieve. To learn more about becoming an appraiser or upgrading your current license in New York State, please reach out to us at (518) 489-1682, ask for John Manfred, President/CEO. He is our in-house industry expert and always willing to take the time to explain all the opportunities and benefits to understanding how important the real estate appraiser is to the real estate industry.


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