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Five Reasons Why Teachers Would Make Good Real Estate Salespeople

real estate salesperson Aug 28, 2020

The real estate industry is not for everyone.  Here at The Manfred School we prefer to guide potential students towards a career that will be realistic for them.  We like to be very clear that it takes special characteristics to succeed in real estate.  Prospective agents should either already have these skills or at least be willing to work to have them.  For some, real estate would be completely outside of their comfort zone.  However, we would argue that teachers have natural real estate salesperson potential and here’s why:

Real Estate Agents Should be Social

Real Estate is a communication and interaction centered profession.  As a Real Estate Salesperson, it will be very helpful if you are confident and assertive in social situations.  Social interactions such as cold calling, community engagement and follow up meetings with clients will be crucial in establishing and maintaining client relationships.  Having long term strong relationships with individuals and the community will bring income.  Teachers are already accustomed to interacting with students, staff and parents.  They are excellent communicators who understand the art of getting their messages across in an inviting and informative manner.  

Real Estate Agents Should be Patient and Kind

Teachers are accustomed to putting in work to achieve results in the long run.  Some students need extra time and patience to grasp the curriculum.  Similarly, some real estate clients require time and patience in buying or selling a home.  Some clients require gentle pushes in the right direction.  When clients are struggling to progress to the next step, agents must maintain professionalism and kindness.

Obtaining clients and getting sales also requires patience and kindness towards yourself!  Teachers have a unique understanding of chipping away at goals step by step.  Where others may lose their focus, teachers do not usually have that luxury.  This skill is golden for the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate Agents Should be Able to Handle Different Personalities

Your clients will not necessarily be the people you would want to hang out with or be friends with.  Although clients can be entirely pleasant and easy to work with, this might be the exception.  At times you may come across home buyers and sellers who are difficult in various ways.  Who is better equipped to deal with such diverse (and sometimes challenging) personalities than teachers?  Teachers are typically familiar with having anywhere from twenty to hundreds of students.  The emotional intelligence it takes to adapt to the situations that arise from handling different personalities can be applied to real estate!

Real Estate Agents Should be Hardworking and Organized

It is common for teachers to bring home work to grade or hold after school hours to provide extra support for students in need.  This same work ethic can be applied to real estate.  Teachers are known to go the extra mile for their students.  Similarly, real estate agents provide a supportive role to their clients, often providing guidance and information during nights and weekends.  Real Estate Salespeople are required to be organized to make sure to make it on time to scheduled meetings and showings, whether on the phone or in person.  Teachers are no strangers to meetings with parents and staff. 

Most Importantly, Real Estate Agents Should be Good Teachers!

Possibly the most obvious connection between agents and teachers is the fact that both are experts in their field who offer a wealth of knowledge to others.  Not everyone is good at communicating what they know in a clear and concise manner.  One thing is for sure, though. Teachers are articulate and expert communicators.  This is perhaps the most valuable trait they have that can put them above their competition in the real estate industry. 

How COVID-19 Has Made Real Estate an Even Better Option for Teachers

If you are a teacher reading this article, you may be feeling unsure about the future given the current COVID-19 crisis that has seemed to change our world as we know it.  You may be thinking this is a good time to change careers or to have a part time side hustle.  

Luckily, Real Estate is a rather easy industry to get into.  It requires a 75-hour course, which can be taken at the Manfred School online or in the classroom.  There are two exams to pass at the school and state level.  These requirements will likely not be too tough for a teacher.  The course work is not typically what stops people from being successful in the real estate industry.  Usually, success only comes to those who possess the above traits.  Since teachers are already a part of this elite group, real estate should be a rather natural transition for them. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time, 518-489-1682.


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