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How the Vehicle You Drive Impacts the Curb Appeal of Your Real Estate Business

As an agent, you know how crucial an appealing exterior is to leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer. The same idea can be applied to your business. Ignoring your business’s curb appeal, or how you present yourself and your services, can drastically affect the impression you leave on your clients. One of the most significant contributors to an attractive curb appeal for your business is the vehicle you drive. Read on to understand how the vehicle you drive can influence your success as a real estate agent.

Why is the vehicle you drive so important?

Taking all factors into account, the vehicle you drive is one of the most important. Why? As a real estate agent, your vehicle is essentially an extension of your office. Not only is it one of the first places you begin to build rapport with clients in, it’s also one of the areas where you have the most critical conversations in. In a review-centric culture, it’s important that agents deliver an exceptional experience from the first handshake to the closing of a deal. Figuratively and literally, the vehicle is the driving force to your success.

Offering a professional experience

Each interaction you have with your client demonstrates your success as an agent and attentiveness to client needs. A professional experience can be characterized through self-care, confidence, and security.

1.    Self-Care

Intentional self-care sends a sure-fire signal to your clients that you take both yourself and your business seriously. It will also help your client trust that you will treat them with the same respect.

One step you can take to establishing this sort of impression is by keeping your vehicle clean. Before every appointment, wash the exterior, vacuum the interior, and clear all of the clutter. If your car is always clean and evokes an inviting atmosphere, you can carry the confidence to invite your clients for a ride any time – no matter what vehicle you drive.

2.    Confidence

A successful agent carries a confidence that convinces the buyer that you truly believe in what you’re selling. Part of that battle is not only selling homes but selling yourself. That said, a vehicle that you feel confident behind the wheel in is essential.

If you yourself aren’t a flashy individual but your target market are individuals who splurge on luxurious items, choose class over extravagance. This way you can walk the walk you claim, without being someone you’re not.

3.    Security

Aside from visual appearance, your vehicle should provide a sense of security that shows that you offer reliable services. Driving a car that is unsafe could potentially put you in murky waters and also raise red flags to your clients. Choose a vehicle that not only feels safe but has the ratings to back it up.

Similarly, your vehicle should be functional for the job at hand. Since you likely transport your clients to prospective homes, it’s important to have enough space for clients of all sorts. Driving a pragmatic vehicle indicates that you are realistic about your business practices.

By the same token, attention to the weather you endure on a day’s job is a strong indicator if you’re commonsensical. If you operate in a location that has harsh winter conditions, unpaved roads, or uncommon road conditions, it’s crucial to drive a vehicle that can withstand the terrain.

Associating with your target market

While developing a marketing plan, it’s essential to know your target market. If you don’t know your target market, you’ll want to get this established and begin working it into all aspects of your business. (Hint: Even the car your drive!)

Identifying an ideal customer and market is crucial to marketing success. If you don’t have a defined target market, you may be trying to communicate the wrong message to the wrong people. Marketing is all about meeting the people your target audience with the message and solution they need to hear.

For example, if your target market leans to the spectrum of wealthier clients who live a luxurious life, it’s expected that their real estate agent meets them with luxurious transportation. However, you may intimidate your clients if they are middle to working-class families by showing up in a car they couldn’t dream of affording. That said, opt for a vehicle that fits the lifestyle and values of you and your target market.

Additionally, a good brand keeps their target market top-of-mind across all marketing channels, including logos, slogans, or social media messaging.

Good branding also shares a clear message with values and goals that benefit the client. The vehicle you drive can encompass all of these values.

The experience you provide your clients should reflect your brand’s image. For example, if your brand focuses on sustainable business practices, it’s important to drive a car that exemplifies that message. Whether that be a vehicle with low emissions, good gas mileage, or hybrid capabilities. Similarly, if you consider yourself a “family-oriented agent”, driving a vehicle with plenty of storage and room for the whole family would solidify you stay true to your company’s values by offering services that accommodate for everyone.

Ultimately, increasing your business’ curb appeal will make you feel more comfortable and confident to serve your clients, therein translating to bigger success.

Want to learn more about how you can improve as a real estate agent and business owner? Check out our online continuing education courses.

Written by Haley Kieser and photo by why kei on Unsplash


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