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NYS Real Estate State Exams are Back

State Exams are Back!  What Does this Mean for Our Students and How Do We Plan to Help you PASS?

Corona-virus Halted State Exams

The Manfred School is honored to be an institution relied upon by many prospective real estate salespeople across New York State.  We felt an enormous responsibility to continue to bring educational opportunities to our community especially during the challenging recent months.  During hard times, it is important to hold onto our dreams and goals. We quickly responded to safety concerns and guidelines by restructuring our licensing and continuing education courses into webinars.  We were there to answer questions and guide our students.  However, there was one important factor that was out of our control. The Department of State halted testing and we did not know when it would resume.  After following up with phone calls and emails on a weekly basis, we are happy to announce that they have decided to continue testing.   

Exams Are Back…But There Are Changes

The coronavirus crisis has forced us all to embrace change.  The state exams are no exception.  Here are some changes the Department of State made that you should be aware of:

1.) They have reduced the capacity of students testing at one time to meet the recommended guidelines and safety requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19

2.) Students whose exams were canceled will the rescheduled with priority over new students looking to schedule exams

3.) If you were already scheduled and your exam was canceled: continue checking your e-access online account until you see a new exam date posted.  If the new date and time does not work for your schedule, you can reschedule your exam through your account up to six days before the new date

4.) If you have not scheduled your exam yet, you will need to create an eaccess account (http://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/eaccessny.html) and then keep checking it for availability.  They will be adding more dates and times as they become available.  You may need to be a little patient as there are less time slots available and rescheduled exams will take priority.

5.) For more information on face coverings and health checks that will now be required, check out http://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/examination-cancellations.html

Our Students Were Concerned About Retaining Information

Our students who had taken the pre-licensing course immediately prior to the corona-virus crisis or during it were concerned that they would have a hard time retaining the vast amount of information they needed to know in order to pass their state exams.  Prospective students had the same concern.  Some decided to wait until state exams were back up and running to take their course.  We understand that our students wanted the best chance of keeping the material fresh in their minds.  We made it our priority to create a plan to help students who wanted a review of the material prior to taking their exam.

How We Plan to Help You – Review Webinars 

Now for the good part.  We have partnered with Laura Farrell, Real Estate Broker and Certified Distance Education Instructor, to bring our students a webinar review course which fully refreshes your memory on each chapter of the textbook.  The course is designed to help students who have been waiting to take the NYS licensing exam due to COVID-19 cancellations.  It will be geared toward preparing you for the exam.  Laura Farrell will break down complicated concepts into their simplest form and then explain how this topic may be incorporated into a test question so that students can anticipate how questions will be worded and their probable answers.  PowerPoint will be used along with a handout for note taking.  Laura Farrell will also be available to answer any questions not reviewed during the course.

How Do You Access The Course?

If you have a Manfred Membership, you can access the course by logging in and registering for any of the three time slots free of charge.  The membership is a great benefit to new agents.  You will be able to build your professional profile by taking as many continuing education courses, webinars and classroom courses as you like for $13.99/month.  If you are interested, you can find our membership program here: 


If you are not yet a member, you can use the following links to register:

July 23rd 6pm-9pm https://manfredschool.corsizio.com/?category=5f036d1742f837baaa7bee85

August 13th 1pm-4pm https://manfredschool.corsizio.com/?category=5f036d1742f837baaa7bee85

September 3rd 1pm-4pm https://manfredschool.corsizio.com/?category=5f036d1742f837baaa7bee85

Additionally, you can access videos of lectures, the study guide and review by going to manfredschool.com and logging into your account.  Your username is your email.  Go to my courses/products and click on virtual classroom. 

Remember, We Are Here to Help You Succeed!

It is our duty and our pleasure to watch our students succeed in their new careers, especially through uncertain times.  The first step in doing so is getting your required hours in and making sure you are prepared for exams.  We understand that these special circumstances have added some chaos to an already stressful process.  We want to remind you that we are here for you every step of the way.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Blog written by John Manfred, President/CEO - www.manfredrealestateschool.com


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