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Qualities To Watch Out For When Hiring A Real Estate Professional

Successful real estate professionals possess a crucial mix of qualities that seemingly have little to do with each other. What drives a salesperson (self-motivation, goal setting) and a marketing professional (creativity, a love of language and imagery) are often disparate; these talents often divide people into disparate professions, but a visionary real estate agent must possess all these skills and a passion for ethical business. If you are looking to boost sales and add an enigmatic member of your team, is there a way to assess a candidate’s probability of success by simply looking at a resume and asking the right questions at an interview?

Presentation matters

You can tell a lot about a candidate by looking at the information provided in their CV. These days, a good CV should list one’s skills, experience, and achievements. Be vigilant of vague assertions of achievements and look for specifics. For instance, if a candidate states that they improved the sales figures of their last real estate, they should be able to give a precise percentage and provide details of how they achieved these results. It is far better to have a small list of real skills set than one that is ‘padded’ with achievements that cannot be credibly supported.

Quick thinking

When hiring a real estate professional, ask them to engage in a role-play or pose questions that display their ability to think on their feet. Questions can cover the local area, price negotiation, or customer concerns. Look for skills like diplomacy, honesty, and assertiveness. Give them a role play in which they are selling a home that has disadvantages as well as advantages. It is vital for real estate professionals to build a reputation for honesty, and that means that candidates should be able to relay accurate information in a customer-friendly manner.

Flexibility is key

Would your applicant be willing to meet prospective clients outside a classic 9 to 5 working day? What about a Saturday? Do they understand that a big part of a real estate professional job can involve meeting clients over lunch or a coffee? While every employee needs a healthy balance between work and their personal lives, real estate professionals should be very flexible, especially when it comes to meeting a busy client who may need to meet urgently or who may invite staff to company events, business parties, or the like.

Local knowledge can be learned

One of the key factors employers in the real estate sector look for is local knowledge. That is, they will often seek to hire someone who already has a portfolio of clients, or who has worked with another real estate agency in the area. Savvier recruiters, however, do not limit themselves in this way. They normally have a mix of seasoned and newly qualified real estate agents, since aspects such as location can be learned on the job. A great salesperson is difficult to find; they will have a mix of abilities which include the ability to listen well to a client’s needs, commitment to finding the right home or building for the client, the ability to negotiate, optimal communication and conflict resolution skills, and teamwork. If you think you have found a special person who thinks quickly on their feet, is goal oriented and willing to learn, don’t let a lack of local knowledge sway your decision in the negative.

When you are hiring the next member of your team, be vigilant of the tiny details; everything from how they are dressed to the way they participate in role-playing activities, and their openness and honesty when answering questions. Look for valuable skills like communication, goal orientation, and drive, and don’t worry about practical knowledge that can be learned in a matter of weeks.


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