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What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know in 2020 and Beyond

Significant changes have taken place in the real estate market which has impacted how real estate is being transacted. Every real estate professional including the Real Estate Salesperson, Broker, Real Estate Appraiser, Mortgage Loan Originator and Home Inspector needs to know these present and future trends, being open to changing and adjusting to their market as well as giving them the tools to look beyond 2020 for additional signs of real estate trends.

Identifying the players in the real estate market is very important in any market, especially in Florida and other major cities in the Northeast including Pennsyvania, New York. Once you have that figured out, understanding and recognizing the right market indicators to avoid or to monetize is the next tool for your toolbox.

Many seasoned Real Estate professionals recognize this market, opportuity is everywhere, their are no-longer barriers or State lines that can stop your business from expanding with technology and newly experienced best home office practices. At the same time keeping your cost's down. There is an old saying, work smarter not harder, originated in the 1930's by Allen F. Morgenstern.

Some are seeing pandemic fueled demand, a big increase in New Yorkers and people from other large cities moving to Florida due to Covid-19 and not to mention the most important information, understanding your clients needs by being able to suggest property types that will be in demand and provide a safe homstead.

This topic specifically is addressed in a newly approved continuing education course at the Manfred School written and presented by Len Fiore, a Certifed General Appraiser, Real Estate Broker, Certified USPAP Instructor and Certified Manfred Instructor with over 25 years in the Real Estate business. 

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions in New York, the Manfred School is unable to provide a classroom setting. However, we are excited to announce that we will convert this course into a webinar. We have received approval from the state to offer courses in this format. If the state restrictions are lifted this course will convert back into a classroom course.

For more information about when this course is being offered please follow this link

Blog published by John Manfred, President/CEO, www.Manfredschool.com


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