Small Group Tutoring Live Webinar For NY Salesperson


With Laura Farrell

This is a 3-hour webinar to walk you through exactly what to study and how to study it. The instructor will break down complicated concepts into their simplest form and explain how they relate to other areas of the 75 Hour Salesperson Licensing course and how a test question may be worded, so that the student can reason out their probable answers.

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NY Salesperson Virtual Classroom


This product is included in the Salesperson Licensing course. This is ideal for students who do not need the course but need to retake the state exam. This product includes recordings of the 75-hour salesperson course, Study Guide, and online Review.



Digital Flash Cards


A great study tool for both Salesperson and Brokers. Over 250 terms and definitions


New York Salesperson Textbook


Modern Real Estate Practice in New York for Salespersons

This is a physical Textbook that will be shipped to you. It takes 4-5 business days. 



New York Brokers Textbook


Modern Real Estate Practices in New York for Brokers.

This is a physical textbook that will be shipped to you. It takes 4-5 business days to receive. 


NY Salesperson Practice Exams


Multiple-choice question exams for Real Estate Salespersons. 

- Includes 3 exams

- 75 multiple-choice questions

- Able to review the questions and answers you got wrong.

-Can take multiple times.

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NY Brokers Practice Exam


Includes 2 practice exams with  100 Multiple choice questions. The Brokers Exam consists of 25% of the material from the Salesperson course, so we have also added the Salesperson practice exams. This gives you a total of 5 practice exams. 


Florida Sales Associate Textbook


Top features

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law sets the standard for real estate education in Florida. This edition provides you with the latest developments in Florida real estate law and practice and is designed to satisfy all the requirements of the FREC Sales Associate Course I syllabus. Every rule, Florida statute, and federal regulation covered on the state license exam is cross-referenced to assist with exam preparation. The end-of-course practice exams will help you test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts.

Key Benefits:

  • This course was written and researched by Linda Crawford and Denise Stolar Johnson, Florida residents and regular attendees of FREC meetings.
  • The complete answer key covers all practice questions and unit exams, as well as the practice exam.
  • This text uses examples of actual disciplinary cases to explain various legal terms and rule violations.