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Our Membership Program is becoming very popular and we just keep adding to it! 

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Unlimited Continuing Education & Great Perks You have to get education, why not get more?

We have just added more perks for being a Manfred Member. Log into your Manfred Members account and find these benefits under savings. Below are some of the most popular.

Save on Travel

Immediately save up to 28% off public and national hotel rates. Including Europe & South America With zero enrollment fees and lightning fast roll out, as a Manfred Member you can start enjoying these hotel rates right away.

Track Your Miles

Automatic drive detection makes it easy to capture every drive. Your drive history is stored making it easy to provide detailed mileage logs anytime. Comprehensive reporting. Maximum mileage savings. Free Basic App, 20% discount on upgrades.


Dinosaur Bar B Que just joined us and is offering Manfred Members a discount on all food and catering. We will be adding more local restaurants very soon!  

Advanced Training

Get Discounts on Advanced Training. Ready to advance your career and get continuing education? The Brokers course is 80% OFF Online or in the classroom

All of this and More...

Only $13.99 per month. Automatic deduction. Easy, convenient, & affordable.

Lead Generation Platforms

Get discounts on Lead Generation Platforms. We setup Facebook advertisements that run on your personal Facebook business page to capture leads in your local area.


CRM's helps Real Estate professionals become pros by automating their leads, responses, appointments, and transactions. Manfred Members discounts and no contracts apply.

Health Care

Manfred Members save over 50% on a Tele-medicine platform. 24/7 Doctors-by-Phone Service Medical Bill Negotiations, Pharmacy Discounts No Co-Pays.

Reputation Management.

Manfred Reputation management platform. Get feedback, new customers, referrals, reviews, and repeat business!

Listing Presentation Folders

Business cards are often lost or misplaced. Folders tend to stay around as a reminder of you. Our folders can help you sell more houses and help make you remembered.

Discounts off Real Estate Designation

95% of ASP Staged Homes sell in 11 days or less & sell 17% more. Prosper in today's housing market, earn your ASP Real Estate Designation. Enroll in our 2 Day Real Estate Agent Staging Training Course.

Financial Health?

Grow your Wealth, Impove your Financial Health. Plan for Retirement ,Tax Efficient Investing,Transition Assets to Income, College Planning and
Investment Management. Discounts for Manfred Members. 

Our mission is to provide our students the tools and support they need to excel in their career goals. We provide our students with value and go above and beyond all the others. Our goal is for our students to be successful in their CAREER, not just on an exam!

Manfred Motivates, Mentors, Manages, and Moves you toward Success!

Unlimited Basic Courses: Build your professional profile, fulfill your continuing education requirement and get a wealth of knowledge. Unlimited Basic Continuing Education Courses online or in the classroom! Take as many as you wish!

Access and Discounts to Real Estate Success Tools: Real Estate Success Tools is a category within our membership designed to provide services to help the real estate agent in their career with an offer or discount. Our goal is to help our new agents by providing them with more resources to help them be more successful in their first year of business. More Savings!

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